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Review: The Journey to the Wild Divine

Date: Mon Jan 14 2013 00:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

By David Herron

The Journey to the Wild Divine is presented with a number of truly large claims, that it can help you achieve total "mind-body wellness" and help you get in touch with your spiritual nature. So it has been with a mix of skepticism and excitement that I have played this game.

At it's core the Wild Divine game is three things:

  • A bio-feedback measuring unit. This unit measures skin resistance (or in other words, the oppenness of the sweat glands) and heart rate variability.
  • Rich computer graphics imagry in the game providing the feedback portion of the biofeedback loop.
  • Game material drawn directly from the ancient Wisdom traditions (primarily Eastern).

A biofeedback system involves a computer taking biological measurements, and generating feedback based on some algorithm that has some purpose. For example in the Wild Divine there is a teaching of the "Peaceful Breath" in several places. For one of them you are shown a fireplace, with a bellows expanding and contracting at an even pace. You are directed to breath in and with the same pace as the bellows (for a count of 7), and based on the biological indicators the game reads it animates the lighting of a fire in the fireplace. The more stress free or peaceful the indicators look, the bigger the flames in the fireplace.

Breathing evenly (to a count of 7, for example) is an ancient meditation technique. What's new is the introduction of a gadget (the computer) which can directly measure a useful attribute resulting from meditation, and give direct and useful feedback to help you deepen the experience.

About the Author(s)

David Herron : David Herron is a Reiki Master, graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, writer, and software engineer focusing on the truth. He is especially interested in spiritual exploration, divine wisdom, clean energy technologies like solar power, wind power, and electric cars. David worked for nearly 30 years in Silicon Valley on software ranging from electronic mail systems, to video streaming, to the Java programming language, and has published several books on Node.js programming and electric vehicles.
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