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Date: Mon Jan 14 2013 00:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Are you seeking to catalyze evolution in consciousness and culture? Do you strive to find leaders, examples, and pathfinders in the emerging field of integral and evolutionary spirituality, and to stand for the ultimate relevance of spiritual enlightenment in our time?

EnlightenNext is dedicated to these things. They offer an annual cycle of programs and events as well as publications for awakening, connecting, and cultivating a global movement of "evolutionaries"-individuals who feel personally responsible for creating the future.

Founded by spiritual leader and cultural visionary Andrew Cohen in 1988 is based in Lenox, Massachusetts, and with centers in New York, Boston, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen.

EnlightenNext Offers:

  • An original, contemporary spiritual path and practice for individuals who aspire to make their own lives an expression of enlightened values
  • Numerous courses and publications on the essential elements of Evolutionary Enlightenment
  • A global network of "evolutionaries"-individuals dedicated to evolving consciousness and culture-and a series of forums and events in which individuals can engage with others to explore the collective dimension of enlightened consciousness and its implications for the evolution of culture
  • In-depth cultural inquiry through the award-winning quarterly magazine EnlightenNext (formerly What Is Enlightenment?), as well as through teleconferences, websites, salons, and a forthcoming international conference
  • Retreats with Andrew Cohen, which provide an opportunity for experiential engagement with the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment

WIE Magazine subscription

What Is Enlightenment? magazine is a spiritual, cultural, philosophical, and otherwise category-busting magazine committed to bringing a new perspective to politics, business, science, the arts, and the environment.

WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT? is an award-winning quarterly publication that chronicles the emergence of a new consciousness, culture, and philosophical framework for twenty-first-century society. Through in-depth interviews, investigative reporting, cultural critique, satire, and reviews, What Is Enlightenment? reaches across the disciplines to bring together the leading minds who are grappling with the greatest challenges of our time. By asking the hard questions of the new science and the ancient traditions, art and culture, business and politics, the magazine is redefining spirituality for an evolving world and opening the door to a vast new perspective on the purpose of human life.

New Enlightenment 7-CD set

Over the course of nearly two decades, Andrew Cohen—an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and the creative force behind What Is Enlightenment? magazine—has redefined the meaning and significance of enlightenment for the modern age. Now, for the first time, this CD collection presents Cohen's revolutionary teaching, which he calls Evolutionary Enlightenment, in its entirety.

The New Enlightenment explores topics including:

  • What “enlightenment” means in the twenty-first century
  • How to distinguish between the authentic self and the ego
  • Entering the “ground of being” through meditation
  • Discovering a collective intelligence that lies beyond the individual
  • Evolutionary Enlightenment as the end of spiritual narcissism
  • Walking the spiritual path—The Five Fundamental Tenets of Enlightenment

WIE Unbound audio and video service subscription

Produced by What is Enlightenment? magazine, WIE Unbound gives you exclusive access to our in-depth talks, dialogues, and behind-the-scenes interviews with the leading futurists, philosophers, mystics, and scientists who are expanding the boundaries of human consciousness.

Explore the leading edge of human consciousness with Andrew Cohen, Ken Wilber, Don Beck, Karen Armstrong, Eckhart Tolle, Ray Kurzweil, Ervin Laszlo, Marilyn Schlitz, Deepak Chopra, Desmond Tutu, and many others.

Your membership gives you unlimited access to WIE Unbound's huge archive of streaming and downloadable audio and video, with new content added each week. With over 100 distinguished contributors and many hundreds of audios, videos, and related articles, WIE Unbound is the web's ultimate resource for your most forward-thinking explorations.

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David Herron : David Herron is a Reiki Master, graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, writer, and software engineer focusing on the truth. He is especially interested in spiritual exploration, divine wisdom, clean energy technologies like solar power, wind power, and electric cars. David worked for nearly 30 years in Silicon Valley on software ranging from electronic mail systems, to video streaming, to the Java programming language, and has published several books on Node.js programming and electric vehicles.
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