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Joining the Free Reiki Project

Date: Tue Sep 21 2021 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

By David Herron

Practitioners, do you wish to get in some long distance Reiki practice? Do you wish to give to the world? Do you wish exposure to potential clients? Well, here's your chance.

The Reiki Page is sponsoring the Free Reiki Project, offering free long distance healing to all who request. By joining the project you will receive any and all healing requests entered on the above web page.

The process for this project is:

  • Folks desiring a remote Reiki session enter a request via the Free Reiki Project web page
  • That request is turned into an e-mail which is distributed through the remote-healing-requests mailing list
  • Healers participating in the project receive e-mails distributed through the mailing list
  • Healers choose how they will participate in the project
  • It is recommended that healers perform some form of remote Reiki healing

Your role as a member of this project is to receive and respond to healing requests. You may choose to send remote Reiki to one requestor at a time, or to send healing to all requestors jointly in one session. We simply request that you treat this with integrity, and participate with the assembled group of practitioners and give healings. Also keep in mind your level of self-care requirements.

To participate, simply join the "remote-healing-requests" mailing list hosted on thereikipage.com. The purpose of joining this list is to receive the requests. There is no archive kept of postings through the list (for privacy purposes), nor is it allowed to have discussion in that group.

About the Author(s)

David Herron : David Herron is a Reiki Master, graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, writer, and software engineer focusing on the truth. He is especially interested in spiritual exploration, divine wisdom, clean energy technologies like solar power, wind power, and electric cars. David worked for nearly 30 years in Silicon Valley on software ranging from electronic mail systems, to video streaming, to the Java programming language, and has published several books on Node.js programming and electric vehicles.
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