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Request a Healing

The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it. As best as we might try to describe Energy Healing or Reiki in words, no teacher is better than direct experience. On this page you can request healing. See the page on Healing at a Distance for more information.

The Reiki Page (thereikipage.com) is sponsoring this service offering free Reiki long distance sessions to all who request it. Whatever your ill, Reiki is potentially able to help.

Disclaimer: Reiki is not a medical practice, and we do not pretend to be medical practitioners. The phrase Energy Healing does not refer to the sort of Healing that medical practitioners refer to. Use your wisdom to choose the best practitioners for your needs. Just as the medical profession has powerful tools available, so do those who use subtle energy techniques like Reiki.

Requests entered through this page are sent to a list of volunteers (lists.thereikipage.com/listinfo.cgi/remote-healing-requests-thereikipage.com). Each of whom will respond in their own way to these requests. No gaurantee is made what the response will be.

The healings given through this project are not meant to substitute for more personalized treatment. If you desire individualized attention, feel free to contact any of the practitioners in the Reiki Practitioners Directory for a private session. Private sessions generally will be charged a fee.