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  • Asunam

    I am a Certifying Reiki Master (TM) and the Director of the East Coast office of the Reiki Foundation (TM); a group of Masters who have been involved in extremly expansive documentation and research i

  • Asunam J. Pope

    As a Certifying Reiki Master TM, I seek to hold the highest standards of training and information possible. I have traveled and studied in Japan the ancient tradtions from which Reiki eminates. I am

  • Denise Farka, MHT, CMHT, RM, OM

    Denise has her practice set up at her home in New Fairfield, CT. She uses Reiki or hands on healing, hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Breathing & Nutrition to help adults and children with cancer

  • K. N. Venkataraman (Venkat)

    Venkat is a spiritually keen person and a serious Teacher/Practitioner of the simple and pure form of Usui Reiki. By profession Venkat is a successful investment banker, currently employed fulltime wi

  • Karen Darby

    Greetings and Blessings to all. I am a Reiki Master, and teach all levels,one, two, and master level.I offer sessions at Trinity Healing Arts, in Brewster, NY. Reiki is a special gift that we all sha

  • Lara P. Fieschi-Corso

    I learned Reiki from my father, which was a great Master Teacher. I continued to seek knoledge and I am also certified by a group in Autralia. I took a level 1 here in USA with the intent to see and f

  • N. Wayne Gowdy

    Usui Master/Teacher and Tera-Mai Reiki level II

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