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  • Bryon Benson

    Hi, I am a reiki master choosing to send the healing energy of reiki to you, wherever you are! This divine energy knows no boundries of time and space and will reach you. Please feel free to see my re


    I am a traditional Reiki Master, with over 18yrs experience in Reiki. My website has all my training information and philosophy of healing/profile. I look forward to our meeting.

  • Cory Nelson Rodgers/Peter Wright Oehler

    We at Transformational Dynamics(R) offer the original lineage and training of the Usui System of Reiki Healing. Spiritual Counseling and Reiki treatments are offered in office or long distance as wel

  • Kathy Clark

    I will be completing level 2 in Jan I also plan on continuing my training in Aroma therapy and reflexology

  • Ruth

    Do you want to feel better? Reiki makes me feel at peace and happy and relaxed as it balances our energy centers and helps us be well. Contact me if you wish more info on how it can help.Offer it in G

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