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  • Alexander Bannister

    Mass and energy are identical, equal and interchangeable, therefore, energy is the great way to change mass. I am available for Reiki sessions with compassionant listening almost anytime. Peace be w

  • Gerry Harris

    I am a Master Teacher/Practitioner I also do other healing modalities like Ion Cleanse and have other products for day to day living I am in Myrtle Beach from approximately Nov 1 to May 1 each year

  • Rev Dr Mark Fearing

    Namaste all: I am a Tera Mai Reiki Master/Teacher and a Cherokee Memdicine Man. I have been doing Reiki since 1994 and a Master/Teacher since 1997. I am a Social Worker, and an Interfaith Minister

  • VickiePrendergast-Bradshaw

    Reiki Workshops and Treatments offered.Individual classes are available.Call Vickie at 843-281-4179 for further information.

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