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  • Asunam

    I am a Certifying Reiki Master (TM) and the Director of the East Coast office of the Reiki Foundation (TM); a group of Masters who have been involved in extremly expansive documentation and research i

  • Asunam J. Pope

    As a Certifying Reiki Master TM, I seek to hold the highest standards of training and information possible. I have traveled and studied in Japan the ancient tradtions from which Reiki eminates. I am

  • Glenn Storm

    I have personally experienced a shift in my energy level ever since my first attunement to Reiki, and ever since, I have personally gained many psychic gifts, such as past life (Linear Life) regressio

  • M Knowles

    Namaste, I am Master/ Teacher of Traditional Usui, Karuna Ki, Imara, Ascension,& Tummo Tibetan Reiki. AlsoMaster/Teacher of Taokan & Blue Lotus Seichem. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Lov

  • Rosemary

    Usui Reiki Master Teacher and graduate of The Berkeley Psychic Institute 1975. 30 Years experience in the healing arts, including animals. See website for testimonials.

  • Scott Outman

    Peace, Reiki Master, with years of experience, offering all levels of Reiki training on an individual basis. Call Scott @ 570-383-6530 for more information. Peace Love and Happiness!!!!

  • Tina DeLuca

    I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.

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