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  • Carolyn Taylor

    Studio in Taos,NM. Worked with Diane Stein & made vidio for Essential Reiki with her. Have traveled to 10 countries teaching Reiki. Use sound with Reiki and teach all levels. Have taught in many Yog

  • Josie Pecoraro

    I am a Reiki Master and a practioner for the past six years. I work with the reiki energy often, giving and receiving. I am a 10 year meditator and a yoga teacher of nine years, through these two pr

  • Marcella Wiard

    Fully qualified Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner,Level III. Proficient in all aspects of Shamanic Reiki III, able to perform Psychic Etheric Work & Extraction and Body-Centered Guided Journeying.

  • Marina Deepam Krupp

    Reiki master since 1989

  • Rosemary Leaver

    Usui Reiki Master Teacher and graduate of The Berkeley Psychic Institute 1975. 30 Years experience in the healing arts. See website for testimonials.

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