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  • C.J. Wilhelmi, M.A.

    Master teacher/practitioner since 1998. This critical-thinking-trained Mensan has seen amazing results and KNOWS the reason Reiki has lasted throughout the centuries is because IT WORKS!

  • Midwest Institute of Usui Reiki

    The Midwest Institute of Usui Reiki is a nonprofit organization devoted to passing on the most comprehensive, unbiased, and original form of Reiki Usui Reiki Ryoho.

  • Nancy Velardi

    Discovering latent therapeutic abilities has led to a life change and the creation of Personal Energy Transformation, Inc., a business designed to lead individuals to empowerment and enlightenment thr

  • Ramona Soejoto

    I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner. I am intuitive, and practice in person and long distance Reiki on a regular basis for people and pets. Sign up today for your free session by logging on to my we

  • Rosmerta

  • Scott G. Butler

    Reiki is an amazing gift. I love to share it with people who are interested in bringing its dynamic into their lives. I teach all levels at very reasonable fees. Please email me for more informatio

  • Steven

    I have 33 years training as a Christian monk and 8 years training in natural healing. I have created Deep Heart Healing: Pathways to Intuitive Healing

  • Terry Jones

    LMT that incorporates Reiki in sessions. Working out of the largest clinic in Nebraska. Love and Light to all.

  • Terry R. Jones

    I am a licensed massage therapist that incorporates energy work in my sessions. Business name is 'Holistic Alternatives'.

  • Victoria L. Johnson

    In addition to teaching Reiki, Victoria L. Johnson works in private practice offering Reiki, transpersonal Counseling, as well as Intuitive guidance sessions at the 'Heart of the Dove' World Service C

  • World Of Reiki

    My name is Angel Benjamin. I gladly provide Long Distance Reiki treatment to all who suffer from illness whether your situation is severe or minor. No fees charged. Donations accepted. Please conta

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