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  • Julianne M. Navarro

    I offer Reiki classes and treatments for adults, children, and pets! I live in East Orlando! I love Reiki and love sharing it with others!

  • Rev. Marcia G. Huff

    I provide Reiki for Humans and Animals! If you are in need of immediate Reiki, please call and I can schedule a "long distance" session for you and/or your animal companion.

  • Silvia Casabianca

    I believe that Mikao Usui wanted reiki to reach as many people as possible. I've been teaching reiki in Florida for 6 years now and I see how it has transformed my life and other practitioner's life.

  • Susan Lasky Jesella

    I have been practicing reiki since 1990 and teaching since 1992. My entire life is a spiritual experience, peace of mind, staying in the moment, going within , without fear, this is healing. Empowerin

  • patricia boutilier

    I am an LPN, Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. Will provide Reiki sessions with gentle massage by appointment.

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