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  • Bonnita Morrison

    Trained and attuned through International Center for Reiki Training. Also trained in Medical QiGong. I love giving treatments to pets as well! I am a Life coach and the Reiki has been complimentary

  • Carole Woolman, R.M.

    I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher/Healer with many years of spiritual studies. For me the Reiki Method of Spiritual healing is the greatest miracle on Earth today. To practice Reiki is to experience un

  • Corinne Tomassetti

    I found my spiritual path over 15 years ago and cannot stop educating myself on all the avenues available to help me know myself! My newest path is taking me to the health care field. I am enrolled

  • Deb Goddard

    I have been doing energy work with the Chakras for 12 years and am a Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. I received training in the Boston area and recently relocated to Colorado Springs. I was draw

  • Eric Cotton

    Tired of a sub-standard health care system, long lines and waits, inconsiderate timing and help too far away? Consider a Colorado/Wyoming Reiki Practictioner just a phone call away. No travel limit fr

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