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  • Ajay G (Reiki Master)

    Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and Pranic Healer

  • Dr.Sameer Kale

    I am very glad to know that we're working in the same field. I am very keen to conduct my programs in different counries of the world. Presently, I am working in european countries like UK, Bulgaria,R


    Traditional Reiki master teacher, magnified healing master teacher of 2 levels, Melkizedek method level 1 and 2, Feng Shui master and consultant

  • S.B.Swarnkar

    I am reiki master/teacher, aura photographer, aura analyzer. since 2011. Doing reiki healing, diagnosing blockages of energy by aura reading.

  • Sameer Kale

    Working as an Independent Teacher of Meditations, Reiki Systems, New and advanced Omni Systems which are my own development. Working with these systems in India, United Kingdom, Russia etc. Also worke

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