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  • Bibin K Kesavan

    I am a Reiki Master Teacher giving training in all levels of reiki

  • Francis Paulose

    Francis paulose, Prajapathi Reiki Grand Master, Kerala, Wayanad. Cup therapist, Yoga Master, Reflexology, finer tip pranayama meditation master


    Teaching and treating throughout Kerala. Treatment and Training centre at Kochi. Accommodation available for patients and students. Practicing Reiki Since 1993 and Teacing Reiki from 1995 at all level

  • Master Sathish Nair

    Formerly disciple of Swami Chinmayananda, Exponent of Indian spirituality, Alternative therapies / Reiki Master ( author of the best seller book in Malayalam on Reiki -

  • Monish Mansuri

    Wholesaler of crystal stone and all reiki products.

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