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  • Bhargav trivedi

    REIKI is the best in all.... problams...i can fell it my self...i am only 20 male and i can fell reiki very deeply i am doing computer hardwere and networking Eng. in baroda

  • Dinesh

    Its Amazing feelings that I really exprienced!!!!

  • Dr.Hemant R.Khatri

    Professional & Experienced Reiki Practitioner for 19+ years.... Reiki treatments given - Touch & Distant - for all kind of ailments.... The Touch Healing system of Reiki taught by way of seminars fo


    I am reiki teacher from Vadodara India. I am conducting seminars for all levels of reiki.

  • PR

  • Saji

    Reiki is a healing system and an enlightenment system.Reiki energizes and heals the body. Reiki speeds the healing process and can minimize the side effects of conventional medical treatments. It wor

  • bhargav trivedi

    Hi Dear all i reiki is very usefull to us is is like god.

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