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You have found the city you live in. Now you are ready to add your information to the directory. If the city that is shown here is not your city, browse around until you find the proper place. If your city is not already in the directory, you will be able to add country, province and city names until your geographical location is known.

To add yourself to the directory, simply fill in the fields listed below. When ready press the SUBMIT button below.

There is no charge for making entries in this directory, it is being provided for all to use and enjoy. Please be considerate when adding entries to the directory. If this facility is abused it will be removed. Please remember the precepts of Reiki, giving honor to all things. I ask that you follow these guidelines when entering information here

  • This directory is for properly certified, attuned and trained Reiki Practitioners.
  • This directory is intended be a networking tool allowing for people seeking Reiki to find a practitioner near them.  If you are not interested in receiving clients, then do not list yourself here.
  • Provide as many access methods as you can.  At the minimum an E-Mail address required, but the more methods you list the more easily people cal reach you.
  • Please be truthful and honest with the information you give here. Give forth the information which your heart wishes the world to know.

Required information is marked in red and marked with an asterix (*). If no information is entered in those fields you will not be allowed to enter anything in the database.

IMPORTANT!!! I ask that you be very careful entering the information you put here. This is for your benefit as much as mine, for the information you enter here is the way that people will find you.

NOTE: Be sure to enter only the "user-name@domain.dom" string that is your email address, do not enter other information.

NOTE: Be sure it is the "http://domain.dom/" address (URL) for your web site. Make sure you enter the "http://" prefix.