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On choosing to be a Healer

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By David Herron

As of this writing [July 2003], I have been taking training in various healing modalities for 10 years. Along the way I've met many fine people, fellow students or teachers. Common questions I've heard is "when can I have my healing practice" or "where is my healing practice" or "where is the best place for me to live" or "is it better for me to stay in my job, or to be a healer"? To be sure, I'm one of those with these questions, have had them for the 10 years of exploring, and they continue today. I don't have any answers, but have had a few interesting observations and a few ideas.

Let me suggest first, the essence of these questions is "what is my life purpose", or "if I remove the layers of EGO, what do I really want to do with my life". I say this mostly because, for the last 6 months the answers I've gotten from my spiritual guidance is "well, what do you want to do". It's been clear this want the guidance talks of is the deeper down wanting in the divine spark of self-truth within each of us. What passion and life purpose would speak loudly through your flesh and bones in a glorious manifestation of divine will?

The physical "reality" of the world

Let's first talk about some practicalities. Another piece of advice my guidance gave long ago is that they (spirit that is) don't set us up for failure. Instead "they" want only the best for us, "they" want us to succeed, and while the challenges we end up facing from our choices may seem daunting or downright painful, "they" don't set us up for failure and instead the resources to resolve any issue are generally within reach. Generally we set ourselves up for failure, instead.

One thing about this physical world we live in, in its current societal configuration, is that the "market economy" runs everything. Everything that can be done seems to involve exchanges of money. Like it or not, that does apply to you who are spiritual seekers just as much as it applies to the lawyers, politicians, hair dressers, and everybody else. There is a belief many hold that spiritual work must be done for free. And we do have that huge example in the New Testament of the Bible in the form of Jesus the Christ and his healing practice. That was then, and this is now, and in this day and age how are you going to pay the rent? How are you going to eat? And is it in your life path to live on the street? Because without money you will be on the street pretty quickly.

To me this implies operating my life in financial soundness. If I choose to make healing my full time work, then I will do that as well in financial soundness. This doesn't have to be as dull and boring as it sounds. All it means is knowing what lifestyle you wish to be living, knowing how much that will cost you to maintain, knowing that in the future you're likely to have greater medical expenses and less ability to earn income, and keeping your current income enough to cover current expenses and future possible ones. In other words, it's a form of maintaining balance. The math is pretty simple, and the spiritual path of walking personal finance in balance can be the learning of a lifetime.

And for those who hold that spiritual work must be done for free, consider the likes of Ron Roth. I've heard him say that he doesn't charge for healings, because his Teacher (Jesus) didn't charge for healings. What he charges for is his time as a teacher. If you see a client for healing, are you charging for the healing, or for the time in your day that you spend giving the healing?

Ones life task

Okay, now what are you "supposed" to do with your life? How do you choose? What makes one choice "right" and another "wrong"? Who decides "supposed" versus what you want to do?

If you go to psychics asking for them to read your akashic records to discover your life contract, have you made your own choice, or have you turned your power of choice over to the psychic? How can you be sure there is a "life contract" anyway? Yes there are lots of books talking about this concept of "life contract", but how can you be sure they exist?

There's two writers I've found to offer some excellent advice along these lines. They both boil down to the "what do you want" question my guides have been asking me.

Barbara Ann Brennan: Is a gifted clairvoyant and healer, and formerly a NASA scientist in astrophysics. She operates one of the premiere schools of energy healing The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (I graduated 2001), and a big question of the latter years of BBSH training is to delve into uncovering your own life task.

The paradigm she presents is that your "wound" leads you to your life task, and that there are two levels of life task. The "wound" in this case is the core & deepest schism in the depths of your being. It is that schism which you most desparately wish to heal, and for which you have come to live in this life, in this world, at this time, with the challenges you have in your life.

Everybody is a healer, whether they recognize it or not, because everybody has come to live life in order to heal something.

There are two levels of life task she discusses. The "personal task" is the form which this wounding, and the healing of it, takes in your personal life. What you're going to do for yourself, and how you are going to heal you. The "world task" is, given the healing you find in your personal task, how do you bring that to the world? What form of action does it take in the world? What lesson have you learned that you want to shout from the rooftops and tell everybody?

The way of finding these tasks is to notice what issues are hot button issues for you. The world task isn't going to specifically be that issue, but instead is something about that issue. There's going to be a series of hot button issues, each different in concrete form, and each has something in common. That's what you're looking for, the commonality.

Don't worry if you don't know what your Ultimate "personal" or "life" task's are. It's a process of learning and exploring that can, and likely will, take a lifetime to unfold. And even then it's likely you will miss something and "they" will send you back to get it.

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing and Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing

Rick Jarow: Rick is a college professor and practicing "career consultant". He offers "anti-career workshops" to teach people to look for work that isn't a "career" but their lifes work. I have only listened to the "Your Life's Work" audio tape set, and feel that it's excellent material.

In the tape set he takes you through an exploration of the underlying, spiritual, formation of who people are. How this shows up in the Chakras, the process of abundance and manifestation, alignment of will versus divine, the creative impluse, and more. Along the way he gives excellent and abundant examples from his own life.

The material matches well with what I described above of BBSH's teaching.

Marketing yourself

Once you've decided to launch a "career" as a spiritual practitioner of some kind, you're again faced with some material world realities. How do you let your future clientele know you exist, that you have a business, that you offer some services, and so forth? In other words, how do you do marketing? That's what marketing is, announcing your existance in a way which entices people to your services.

Of course you can pray and other forms of manifestation. But many teachers of manifestation techniques say you must also take action in the material world. If nothing else, to aid the prayer in becoming real. Ultimately for prayer to have effect in the material world, action must happen somewhere by some agency in the physical world, yes?

You may have thought that by launching a "spiritual" service such as a healing practice, that you would escape the world of business. Please, if this is what you believe, reconsider that thought. To perform service to the world, accepting money for that service, renting office space, paying taxes, advertising for clients, that sounds like a business to me.

What's the answer?

I certainly don't have your answer, your answer is up to you and your guidance..

Let me close with a book I just found that looks very promising

The premise is one I realize I've been searching for. Namely, this isn't just about me finding a job, albeit one involving working with angels on a regular basis. No, this is about choosing my life and work from a deeper place, that satisfies one more completely. This is about having the life that works for me really well. And, yes, this applies to you, the one reading this, if you like.

The book starts with the author, Mark Henricks, having just written a nice and formal letter of resignation to his boss. His intent, stated in the letter, was to launch a life in freelance writing. Instead of handing the letter to his boss bright and early the next day, it stayed on his desk for the next six months. Eventually he launched that bright life in freelance writing happened for him, but that honesty strikes close to home, doesn't it?

How much longer are we going to wait? How many more times are we going to say "hmm, maybe I'll wait a couple months"?

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