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The Meditainment Library is a popular style of guided meditation, with thousands of people enjoying the programmes each day. It is a unique blend of guided meditation, stories, natural sounds and music that helps people to relax, meditate and manage their thoughts.

They are guided meditations with stories, music and natural sounds. A typical programme lasts 21 minutes, containing relaxation, and a narrative about wellbeing topic for reflection in the meditative state

How can I get the best meditation experience?

  • EXPECTATION - do not expect to enter a meditative state until after about 10 mins
  • ATTENTION - you gain more by being free from interruption
  • CONDITIONS - listen with headphones or good speakers

Meditainment is also used in many healthcare centers for aiding relaxation and features on the in-flight programming of these leading airlines: Virgin Atlantic, US Airways, Qantas, Air Canada, China Airlines.

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