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  • Brian Robbins

    I am trained in the traditional Usui Reiki System.

  • Claudia Bernal

    Un fuerte y armonioso saludo de bienvenida a todas aquellas personas interesadas en conocer sobre REIKI, la energia no tiene fronteras ni limitantes, REIKI es amor... Esta es una invitacion de luz y p

  • Eric Cotton

    THE alternative to all the side effects medicine brings, long hassling doctor waits and invasive practices. Let us let, the healing begin. I DO HOUSECALLS.

  • Linda Vissat

    Complementing traditional health care procedures, strengthening and revitalizing the body's natural defenses, releasing and reducing accumulated stress, enhancing creativity and persoanl transformatio

  • Mara Kali

    I am certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Method of Natural Healing and received my training from Zari Pirasteh. I offer Reiki treatments and training classes in Ft. Collins. I am grateful

  • Marla Mitchell

    I am a Spiritual Intuitive, Medical Intuitive and Certified Reiki Master/Teacher. I provide Reiki Therapy treatments to clients who are suffering from pain, illness, emotional distress, etc. Reiki i

  • Paula Curtis

    Inner balance is the place of stillness where body, mind, and spirit come together. It is the place where creativity sparks and you feel empowered in your work and personal life. I use reiki, therap

  • Rusty Gates

    I am now retired from the world of engineering and middle management, both of which I did well. I chose to get out of the technology business and to focus on personal growth and helping others grow i

  • Susan Van Nuys

    I have been established in the practice of Reiki since 1995, receiving my Master Teacher attunement in 1997 from Alice Defler in Boulder,CO. I have taught Reiki and given talks on the wonderful power

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