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  • Cathy Amenta

    I am a certified massage therapist and have been practicing Reiki since 1999. I offer complete Reiki I & II classes, Reiki III and Master classes. Each level is covered over two days and is offered

  • Judie Rose & Dennis Neuhaus

    Reiki Practitioners since 1992 and teaching in the San Luis Valley in Crestone, CO.Our students experience Reiki training for Level I or Level II over a two day weekend at our Rainbow Healing Center.

  • Toni Gardener Zulaski

    I have studied with many teachers and teach Usui Reiki Ryoho, a Japanese lineage that comes through Usui>Takatomi>Koyama>Doi. I prefer to teach one-on-one or in small classes to students that are seri

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